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HELP *SHELLSUMM                         Tom Khabaza, October 1986.

A summary of common "shell" commands; for all users of Poplog on UNIX
(who will be using the "cshell"), these are typed to the "% " prompt. If
you do not understand the meaning of '*' see HELP HELP for an
explanation, that is do:


All of the commands in this file have more detailed explanations in the
UNIX manual, see HELP *MAN for detail of how to view the on-line manual.
See HELP *SHELL for more details on the SHELL

General Unix Commands:

cat        List the contents of a file to the terminal
cd         Change to a different working directory, see *CD
cp         Copy a file, see                  *SHELL / MOVING
date       Print the date and time
lpr        Print a file on the line printer, *SHELL / PRINTING, *PRINTING
lprm       Remove a file from the lp, see    *SHELL / PRINTING, *PRINTING
lpq        Show the queue of the lp, see     *SHELL / PRINTING, *PRINTING
logout     Log out, see                      *SHELL / RECOGNISING
ls         List the names of files, see      *SHELL / LISTING, * LS
mail       Read or send mail, see            *SHELL / SENDING
man        See the Unix manual entry for a Unix command
mkdir      Make a new directory, see
more       List the contents of a file page by page   see man more
mv         Move (or rename) a file, see      *SHELL / MOVING
passwd     Change your password, see         *SHELL / PASSWORDS
pwd        Show the name of the current working directory
rm         Remove files, see                 *SHELL / DELETING
rmdir      Remove a directory
who        Who is on the system

POPLOG related commands:

teach      Call up ved with a TEACH file
help       Call up ved with a HELP file
ved        Call up ved (without Prolog or Clisp)
pop11      Call up POP-11, see               *SHELL / RECOGNISING
prolog     Call up Poplog, see               *SHELL / RECOGNISING
clisp      Call up Lisp, see                 *SHELL / RECOGNISING

See  also
    * SHELL     - more detailed explanations of these commands and SHELL
    * UNIX      - information about the interface between Poplog and Unix
    * SYSUTIL   - detailed information about the interface between Poplog
                    and Unix

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