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HELP SETV55KEYS                                          A. Sloman August 1984

The command:
    lib setv55keys

will re-program the function keys on a Visual 55 terminal to their
default setting, defined by the Visual 55 manual, namely

     F1 P     F2 Q
     F3 R     F4      <space>
     F5 !     F6 "
     F7 #     F8 $
     F9 %     F10 &
     F12 '    F11 (

You can check whether the re-programming has worked, by first pressing
the SETUP button (top left) to go into setup mode, then hold down
the FUNCTION button (bottom right) and press SETUP again. This
will display the current contents of the function key memory.

Sometimes it doesn't work first time, for unknown reasons, and
then lib setv55keys has to be redone. To leave SETUP mode press the
SETUP button again.