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HELP SECTION_CANCEL                                     A. Sloman April 1983

    section_cancel(<section_name>, zap_pdprops)

This can be used to unlink a section from the section tree, to save space.
To get access to a section record, use *CURRENT_SECTION inside a section.

The first argument is the name of the section to be cancelled. The second
argument is a boolean value; if TRUE, the value FALSE is assigned to the
*PDPROPS of all procedures local to the cancelled section, saving space. This
argument is optional and defaults to FALSE if omitted.

For an example of the use of SECTION_CANCEL see SHOWLIB ARRAYSCAN.

For full details of sections in POP-11 see REF *SECTIONS.

See also HELP
    *SECTIONS        - on defining sections in POP-11
    *POP_SECTION     - on the value and use of POP_SECTION
    *CURRENT_SECTION - on accessing and changing current section
    *SMATCH          - on using MATCHES within sections
    *GLOBAL          - on the use of global identifiers in POP-11