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HELP REF                                         John Williams, May 1989

ref is a special command for looking at system documentation files. It
can be invoked from inside the editor by typing:

    <ENTER> ref name

or from outside the editor with:

    ref name

The argument name may either be the name of a REF file, or the name of
an identifier. In the latter case, the REF command will display the
appropriate portion of the REF file that describes name.

If there are several entries for an identifier, a temporary REF file
will be created which lists all the entries, in normal Ved cross-
reference format. You can then select the one you want with ESC-n and
ESC-h. An example you can try is ref ^. There are entries for this in

See also:

    REF * INDEX             -  Alphabetic list of the REF files.
    REF * REFFILES          -  Overview of REF files.
   HELP * DOCUMENTATION     -  General documentation overview.

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