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HELP READEXPRESSION                                  Ian Rogers July 1987
                                                     Ian Rogers Nov 1992

-readexpression- now obsolete, use -exprread- (see HELP * EXPRREAD)

See also :-

HELP *GETLINE     - prints a line of text, then uses READLINE to read a
HELP *INCHARITEM  - converts character repeater procedure into item
HELP *ITEMREAD    - reads an item from the input stream
HELP *LISTREAD    - reads a list from the input stream
HELP *POP_SYNTAX_ONLY - on reading POP syntax
HELP *READITEM    - reads the next item from *PROGLIST
HELP *READLINE    - reads a line of items from *PROGLIST
HELP *READTILL    - reads the input stream until a given item is read
HELP *REQUESTLINE - similar to READLINE, but its argument is used as

REF *ITEMISE - details on itemisation, and related procedures
REF *SYSIO   - details of I/O procedures

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