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HELP RAWCHARIN                                           A. Sloman, July 1982

    rawcharin() -> <character>;

This procedure reads a character from the terminal via the device *POPDEVRAW.
It does not prompt or echo. Every character is a 'break' character, and is
returned immediately it is typed. Additionally, if any characters have been
output by *RAWCHAROUT and not yet printed, a call of RAWCHARIN will cause them
to be sent to the terminal.

RAWCHARIN is used by *VEDINASCII, the VED character repeater.

See also
HELP *RAWCHAROUT  - sends output to the terminal via POPDEVRAW
HELP *ASCII       - on character codes
HELP *VEDINASCII  - on the character repeater used by VED
HELP *CHARIN      - reads in characters from the terminal outside VED
REF  *SYSIO       - for more information on Input/Output procedures