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HELP PROGLIST                               updated A.Sloman DEC 1986

This variable has as its value a list of POPLOG items providing input
for the compiler. Usually it is a dynamic list (see *PDTOLIST) in which
items are created from a character repeater.

When the compiler wants an item from PROGLIST it calls the procedure
*READITEM, which could be defined as:

    define readitem() -> result;
        if null(proglist) then
            termin -> result;
            hd(proglist) -> result;
            tl(proglist) -> proglist;

Notice that items can be 'CONSed' onto the *FRONT of PROGLIST; for
example, the following assignment causes the string 'hello there' to be
printed out at the terminal:

    ['hello there' =>] <> proglist -> proglist;
    ** hello there

This facility is made use of by macro procedures (see HELP * MACROS)
which read in items from PROGLIST and put something different back ont
the front of PROGLIST for the compiler to see. To achieve this some
identifiers are of type "macro", and their values are procedures which
are run when they are read in. Hence instead of using READITEM the
compiler will use ITEMREAD, defined roughly thus:

    define itemread -> item;
        lvars item;
        readitem() -> item;
        while isword(item) and identprops(item) == "macro" do
            valof(item)();       ;;; run the corresponding procedure
            readitem() -> item;  ;;; now look at first item on proglist

PROGLIST is usually initialized thus:

    pdtolist(incharitem(charin)) -> proglist;

See also
REF *LISTS      - for more detailed information on dynamic lists.
REF *PROGLIST   - for details of the use of PROGLIST
REF *POPCOMPILE - for procedures used during POP-11 compilation

See also HELP
    *COMPILE     - brief summary of COMPILE procedure
    *INCHARITEM  - converts character repeater procedure into item repeater
    *ITEMREAD    - reads in items from input stream; expands macros, autoloads
    *MACRO       - defining macros in POP_11
    *NEXTCHAR    - for altering the internal buffers of repeaters
    *NEXTITEM    - reads in items from input stream without removing them
    *PDTOLIST    - creates a dynamic list from a procedure
    *POPVAL      - evaluates list items as POP-11 code
    *READITEM    - reads in items from input stream; no expansion or autoload

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