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HELP PROFILE_GRAPHICAL                           John Williams, Apr 1996

    uses profile_graphical;

Loading this library modifies LIB * PROFILE so that its results are
displayed as a horizontal bar chart in a Ved window. For an example,

    uses profile_graphical;

    profile loadlib('solver');

A Ved buffer named `workbuff profile output' will be created, whose
contents will be something like:

    Number of interrupts: 46
    CPU time: 0.54 seconds, GC time: 0.0 seconds

    =============================== nextitem (33%)

    ======================== (Sys$-Incharitem) (24%)

    ========= listlength (9%)

    ========= pop11_comp_prec_expr (9%)

    ======  nc_<> (7%)

(Except that Ved's special characters will used to mark the bars).

See HELP * PROFILE for a full explanation of how the profiler works,
and how to interpret the results.

LIB * PROFILE_GRAPHICAL is most effective under Xved, but is also usable
under terminal Ved.

--- C.all/help/profile_graphical
--- Copyright University of Sussex 1996. All rights reserved.