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HELP PROCESS                            Steven Hardy, March 1982

POP-11 provides a PROCESS facility for creating processes that can
be run, resumed, suspended, scheduled, etc.

A process is created with * CONSPROC or CONSPROC_TO. It can be
activated with * RUNPROC, * RESUME, or * KRESUME. Once active, a process
can suspend itself with * SUSPEND, * KSUSPEND.

A process can be recognized with * ISPROCESS. A dead process can be
recognized with ISLIVEPROCESS.

A process can save its state in a process record with * SAVEPROC.
Process records can be copied with * COPY.

See REF * PROCESS, for more details.

For an example of the use of processes do SHOWLIB * TPARSE

HELP * ACTOR describes an event simulation packaged based on processes.

HELP * NEWOBJ and LIB * NEWOBJ provide an object-oriented package in
which every "instance" of a class is a process

--- C.all/help/process
--- Copyright University of Sussex 1991. All rights reserved. ----------