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HELP PRINT                                         A. Sloman, March 1989

This file provides an overview of printing related documentation for
Pop-11 and Poplog.

    - on printing files
    - the print arrow ("=>") in POP-11
    - details of printing facilities in POP-11 (including variables that
    control printing)
REF *PRINT/radix_apply
    - describes a procedure for invoking printing functions with
    different values of pop_pr_radix, for printing in binary, octal,
    hexadecimal, etc.
    - overview of input-output facilities in Pop-11
    - for further, more technical, information on I/O facilities in

HELP files on specific printing procedures in POP-11:

*PR           - the standard printing procedure. Calls *SYSPR
*SYSPR        - the standard procedure which prints its argument
*SYS_SYSPR    - prints all data classes in standard format
*CHAROUT      - outputs a character to the terminal
*CLASSES/class_print - printing procedure associated with each class
*CUCHAROUT    - the character consumer currently in use
*CUCHARERR    - the character consumer for error printing
*CUCHARTRACE  - holds the character consumer for TRACE printing
*FORMAT_PRINT - provides a wide range of printing options
*NEWPR        - procedure allowing special printing of specified items
*NL           - prints a specified number of newlines
*POPPRINT     - for pretty-printing lists containing POP-11 text
*POPSYSCALL   - controls printing of calling sequence in error messages
*POP_PR_PLACES  - controls printing of decimals
*POP_PR_EXPONENT - causes numbers to be printed in exponent form
*POP_PR_QUOTES - controls printing of "'" around strings
*POP_PR_RADIX    - specifies radix to which numbers are printed, e.g.
    binary, octal, decimal, hexadecial.
*POP_PR_RATIOS - if false, ratios are printed as decimals
*PPR          - prints lists etc. in an easily readable format
*PRINTARROW   - on the use of the print arrows => and ==>
*PRINTF       - provides formatted printing for strings and POP-11
*PRNUM        - the number printing procedure
*PRMISHAP     - prints error messages; user-redefinable
*PRWARNING    - prints warning messages; user-redefinable
*QUOTE_PR     - prints words and strings in quotes
*SPR          - prints its argument followed by a space
*SYSPRMISHAP  - prints out error messages
*SYSPRWARNING - prints a warning when a variable is automatically declared
*TABS         - prints a specified number of tab characters
    - printing error messages from "load marked range" in VED
    - printing messages from "load marked range" in VED

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