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HELP PRAUTOLOADWARN                             Steven Hardy, March 1982

The value of the variable PRAUTOLOADWARN is a procedure. The procedure
is applied whenever a library file is autoloaded; its argument is the
name of the file being autoloaded. The default value of PRAUTOLOADWARN
is the procedure *ERASE (i.e. print nothing).

The procedure *SYSPRAUTOLOADWARN can be assigned to PRAUTOLOADWARN:

    sysprautoloadwarn -> prautoloadwarn;

This will print an informative message whenever a library file is

See also:

    REF * LIBRARY               - Full explanation of libraries
    HELP * AUTOLOAD             - The POP-11 autoloading mechanism
    HELP * ECHOLOAD             - Echoes a file while loading it
    HELP * LOAD                 - Command for loading a file

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