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HELP PPR                                  Revised: Fran Evelyn, Jul 1985
                                        Revised: Adrian Howard, Sep 1992


This procedure is used for printing things in an easily readable format.
It takes one argument, the item which is to be printed. If the argument
is a list, the list brackets are not printed. Instead -ppr- is applied
to all the elements of the list. If the argument is not a list it is
printed with -spr-. See REF *PPR for details.

See also:

HELP *SPR       --- prints an item followed by a space
HELP *PR        --- holds a printing procedure as its value
HELP *SYSPR     --- default value of -pr-
HELP *SYS_SYSPR --- prints data classes in standard format
HELP *PRETTY    --- the POP-11 "pretty" printer

REF *PRINT      --- details of printing procedures in POP-11.

--- C.all/help/ppr
--- Copyright University of Sussex 1992. All rights reserved. ----------