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HELP POPREFS                                      Steve Knight, Jan 1989
                                        updated by Ian Rogers, July 1992
                                    Updated by Aaron Sloman, 11 Jul 1999


This file  contains  references to  a  collection of  books  and  papers
relevant to Poplog and  Pop systems in  general. It is  based on a  list
previously maintained by the  Poplog and Pop  Languages User Group  (see
HELP *PLUG). Included  in this list  are a few  good references for  the
other languages supported by the Poplog system. If there are other books
you find useful  in this  context, please  post the  informatino to  the
comp.lang.pop newsgroup.

NB: this list is provided as a guide only: no guarantee is offered  that
the information given here is correct or up-to-date, and no liability is
accepted, by PLUG, Sussex University, Integral Solutions ltd., or any of
the organisations  referred  to below,  in  respect of  the  information
contained herein.

The list is in Unix "refer" format (see Unix MAN (1) addbib etc.).

"Refer" Format Key:
    A = author(s), one per line
    B = book including reference
    C = city
    D = date
    E = editor(s), one per line
    I = issuer/publisher
    J = journal including reference
    O = other commentary
    P = page number(s)
    R = report reference
    S = series title
    T = title

%E Anderson, James
%T Pop-11 Comes of Age
%I Ellis Horwood
%D 1989
%O A collection of papers on the history of dialects of Pop, the
%O features and benefits of the language, and some applications using
%O Pop-11.

%A Barrett
%A Ramsay
%A Sloman
%T POP-11: a Practical Language for Artificial Intelligence
%I Ellis Horwood
%C Chicester
%D 1985
%O This was the first book published on Pop-11.  The authors are involved
%O with Poplog development.  An introduction to the language.

%A Barrett
%A Ramsay
%T Artificial Intelligence in Practice:Examples in Pop-11
%I Ellis Horwood
%D 1987
%O A book of large example AI programs with sources in Pop-11.  Based on
%O research at Sussex University.

%A du Boulay, J. B. H.
%A Elsom-Cook, M. T.
%A Khabaza, T.
%A Taylor, J.
%T Poplog and the Learner: An Artificial Intelligence Environment Used
%T in Education,
%B Directory of Computer Training 1986, published by Badegmore part
%B Enterprises for Hoskyns Education.
%D 1986

%A du Boulay, J. B. H.
%T POPLOG for beginners: a powerful environment for learning
%T programming
%E Hawley, R.
%B Artificial Intelligence Programming Environments
%I Ellis-Horwood,
%D 1987

%A Burstall
%A Collins
%A Popplestone
%T Programming in Pop-2
%I University Press
%C Edinburgh
%D 1968
%O The original silver book.  Pop-11 is a close derivative of Pop-2.  Most
%O Pop systems have a compatibility library.  This book contains mainly
%O small procedures and their descriptions. (currently out of print)
%O [From Laventhol87]

%A Burton
%A Shadbolt
%T POP-11 Programming for Artificial Intelligence
%I Addison-Wesley
%D 1987
%O Artificial intelligence for cognitive psychologists, based on teaching
%O material from the University of Nottingham. [From Laventhol87]

%A Clocksin
%A Mellish
%T Programming in Prolog
%I Springer-Verlag
%C Berlin
%D 1981
%O Standard textbook on Prolog, one of the Poplog languages.

%A Davies
%T Popler - Implementation of a POP-2-based PLANNER
%P 28-49
%B Implementations of Prolog
%E Campbell, J. A.
%I Wiley
%D 1983
%C New York
%O Decribes a Planner-type language developed for a Pop-2 language
%O environment.  Work done during the early 1970s.

%A Davies, D.J.M.
%T Popler - a Pop-2 Planner
%R Report MIPR-89, Machine Intelligence and Perception
%I University of Edinburgh
%D 1971
%O [From Davies83]

%A Davies, D.J.M.
%T POP-10 Users' Manual
%R Computer Science Report #25
%I University of Western Ontario
%D 1976

%A Green, T.
%A Guest, D.
%T An Easily Implemented Language for the Computer Control of Complex Experiments
%J International Journal of Man-Machine Studies
%V 6
%D 1974
%P 335-359
%O This paper describes glue, a dialect of Pop-2, used for controlling
%O psychology experiments.  [From Hardy84]

%A Gazdar, G.
%A Mellish, C.
%T Natural Language Processing in POP-11,
%I Addison Wesley
%D 1989.
%O Versions for Prolog and Common Lisp also available. The programming
%O examples are now part of the Poplog Contrib Library

%A Hardy, S.
%A Mellish, C.
%T Integrating Prolog in the Poplog environment
%P 147-162
%B Implementations of Prolog
%E Campbell, J. A.
%I Wiley
%D 1983
%C New York
%O This paper describes the way in which PROLOG has been implemented in
%O the Poplog system and outlines the advantages of putting a Prolog
%O compiler into a good programming environment.

%A Hardy, S.
%T A New Software Environment for List-Processing and Logic Programming
%P 110-136
%B Artificial Intelligence: Tools, Techniques, and Applications
%E O'Shea, Tim
%E Eisenstadt, Marc
%I Harper & Row
%C New York
%D 1984
%O An overview of Poplog with some descriptions of using coroutines as
%O the basis of producer/consumers.

%A Hardy, S.
%T The POPLOG Programming Environment
%R Cognitive Studies Memo 82-06
%I University of Sussex
%D 1982
%O [From Hardy83]

%A Hardy, S.
%D 1973
%T The POPCORN Reference Manual
%I University of Essex
%C Colchester
%O [From Davies83]

%A Khabaza, T.
%T Towards an Intelligent Help File Finder
%E Hawley, R.
%B Artificial Intelligence Programming Environments
%I Ellis-Horwood
%D 1987
%O Describes a project aimed at improving access for POPLOG help files.

%A Knapman, J.
%D 1973
%T PROCESS 1.5 : Description and Users' Guide
%R Bionics Research Report 11
%I School of AI, University of Edinburgh
%O A processes package built on top of Pop-2
%O [From Davies83]

%A Laventhol J.
%T Programming in POP-11
%I Blackwell Scientific Publications Ltd.
%D 1987
%O An introduction to Pop-11, adhering to the AlphaPop subset.

%A Noble, Hugh M.
%T Natural Language Processing
%I Blackwell Scientific Publications
%C Oxford
%D 1988
%O This is a practical introduction to Natural Language Processing
%O with worked examples in POP (and a few in Prolog)

%A Ian Rogers
%D 1990
%R Cognitive Science Research Report 171
%T Embedding X into the Poplog Environment
%I University of Sussex
%C Brighton
%O Also in the proceedings of "The European X Window System Conference"
%O November 1990 - CEP Consultants Ltd. ISBN 0 905941 44 6

%A Popplestone
%R Pop-11: A Broad Spectrum Approach to Computer Science
%O We have a draft copy of this collection of teaching material
%O from Robin.  Looks quite good as introductory stuff.

%A Sharples et. al.
%R Computers and Thought (provisional title)
%I MIT Press
%O Based on teaching material from the Cognitive Studies Programme
%O at the University of Sussex. [From Laventhol87]

%A Aaron Sloman
%D July 1999 (Third edition)
%T Pop-11 Primer
%O Available as TEACH PRIMER and at

%A Robert Smith
%A Aaron Sloman
%A John Gibson
%D January 1990
%R Cognitive Science Research Report 153
%T POPLOG's Two-level Virtual Machine Support for Interactive Languages
%O Price: 1.00
%I University of Sussex
%C Brighton
%O To appear (1991?) in a volume edited by D.Sleeman and N.O.Bernson

%A Steele, Guy
%T Common Lisp: The Language
%I Digital Press
%C Burlington, MA 01803
%D 1984
%O Standard textbook on Common Lisp, one of the Poplog languages.

%Q SD-Scicon Plc.
%T Poplog User Guide
%D 1986
%O The first hard-copy manual for using, installing, and administering
%O the Poplog system.

%A Chris Thornton
%A Benedict du Boulay
%T Artificial Intelligence Through Search
%I Kluwer Academic (Paperback version Intellect Books)
%C Dordrecht Netherlands & Norwell, MA USA (Intellect at Oxford)
%D 1992

%A Wikstrom
%T Functional Programming using Standard ML
%I Prentice Hall International
%S Prentice Hall International series in Computer Science
%D 1987
%O Introductory textbook on Standard ML, one of the Poplog languages

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