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HELP POPLINEWIDTH                               Revised by Fran Evelyn, July 85

    <integer> -> poplinewidth

Together with *POPLINEMAX, the variable POPLINEWIDTH controls the format of
output to the standard output and error channel (i.e. when writing to the
terminal using *CHAROUT or *CHARERR). POPLINEWIDTH holds a number which must
be less than that held by POPLINEMAX. If the number of characters output to a
single line exceeds POPLINEWIDTH and the current character for output is a
space or a tab, then instead of printing that character a newline and a tab
will be inserted. The value of POPLINEWIDTH is user-assignable; the default
value is 70.

See also
REF *SYSIO       - for further details of Input/Output procedures
HELP *POPLINEMAX - also helps control line length