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HELP POPHOST                            Jonathan Laventhol, January 1984

    pophost(<word>) -> <string | number>

This library provides a table of information about the kind of machine
that Poplog is running on. When Poplog is first installed, your system
administrator will need to edit LIB * POPHOST to ensure that the
information is correct.

Some examples:

    pophost("machinetype") =>
    ** sun4

    pophost("os") =>
    ** unix

    pophost("site") =>
    ** sussex

    pophost("sitemailname") =>

The table may be extended to include any information which is needed.
The currently defined entries are:

    "os"                        operating system name
    "osversion"                 operating system version
    "machinetype"               generic machine type (eg 'vax')
    "machine"                   actual machine type
    "systemname"                the local name of the machine
    "memory"                    approximate amount of memory
    "machineserialnumber"       serial number of machine
    "site"                      where the machine is
    "sitemailname"              electronic mail address for site
    "fullsitename"              offical site address

The default for entries is FALSE.

LIB * POPHOST uses the convention that all of the results are strings or
numbers, generally in lowercase only.

Look at the library file (LIB * POPHOST) to find the format of the
information you require before writing programs that use it.

--- C.all/help/pophost
--- Copyright University of Sussex 1992. All rights reserved. ----------