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HELP POPEXIT                                    Revised by Fran Evelyn, July 85

    <variable> -> popexit;

POPEXIT is a procedure which is run when Poplog exits, ie when the
procedure SYSEXIT is called. You can redefine it to carry out 'tidying
up' functions, or to actually prevent Poplog from exiting (eg by making

The default value of POPEXIT is IDENTFN. If you re-define POPEXIT, it may be
wise to make it call VEDPOPEXIT() which writes changed files to disk if
appropriate. Otherwise you may lose work. In addition, your procedure
should respect the value of the variable POP_EXIT_OK: if it is FALSE,
this means that Poplog is not exiting 'cleanly' (eg it has been
'killed' by another process). In this case, POPEXIT should do no input
or output operations on the terminal, and any mishaps will result in an
immediate system exit (without calling VEDPOPEXIT etc.).

REF *SYSTEM      - for further information on POPLOG system exit
HELP *SYSEXIT    - for more on exiting from the POP system
HELP *VEDPOPEXIT - more on the VED exiting procedure VEDPOPEXIT

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