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HELP POPDEFINECONSTANT                   Revised by Fran Evelyn, July 85
                                                 Updated A.Sloman Jan 91

This facility is obsolete for the same reason as -popconstruct-. See
HELP * POPCONSTRUCT. There is an autoloadbale version in the library,
for the sake of backward compatibility.


    <boolean> -> popdefineconstant;

This variable is local to the procedure POP11_COMP_STREAM, and is
user-assignable. If its value is FALSE (the default value) then all
procedure identifiers are automatically declared as variables during
compilation. If its value is TRUE (or non-false) they are declared as
constant identifiers.

Since it is local to the compiler, it cannot usefully be assigned to in
the users 'init.p' by an ordinary assignment. To change its global
default value in 'init.p' use set_global_valof, e.g.

    set_global_valof(true, "popdefineprocedure");

A similar strategy may be used for POPDEFINEPROCEDURE

The interpretation of these variables is determined by a user-definable
procedure POP11_DEFINE_DECLARE, described in REF * POPCOMPILE.

See also HELP
    *CONSTANT - on the use of constant identifiers in POP-11
    *VARS     - on the use and declaration of variables


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--- Copyright University of Sussex 1991. All rights reserved. ----------