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HELP POP_TIMEOUT                                Revised by Fran Evelyn, July 85

The variable POP_TIMEOUT, which holds a procedure, is part of the POP-11
facility for timing out a read from the terminal. The number of seconds in
which a read times out is specified by setting the value of the variable
POP_TIMEOUT_SECS; the default value of this variable is FALSE.

When a timeout occurs the procedure held in POP_TIMEOUT is called. The value
of POP_TIMEOUT is user-assignable; the default is the do-nothing procedure

Exiting normally from this procedure inside *CHARIN or *RAWCHARIN will cause
the read to be re-tried if no characters have actually been read before the
timeout. Exiting inside *SYSREAD will cause the number of characters read
before the timeout to be returned.

(N.B. On VMS ONLY this facility is independent of *SYSSETTIMER, and will
therefore not interfere with other procedures using this. On UNIX it is not

See also
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