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HELP POP_SECTION                              A. Sloman, April 1983
                                              Revised by Fran Evelyn, July 85

    pop_section =>
    ** <section_name>

The value of the constant POP_SECTION is the section record for the top-level
section of the POP system. All other sections can be reached by working
downwards from this section, which is the root node of the section tree.

A 'pathname' syntax is provided to enable reference to identifiers within
sections. The word "$-" is used to separate parts of the pathname, so that
for example


refers to the identifier HARRY in sub-section DICK of section TOM (TOM being
a sub-section of POP_SECTION).

When the top-level section is the current section, the procedure
*CURRENT_SECTION (which returns the name of the current section) prints out
as follows:

    current_section =>
    ** <section>

See REF *SECTIONS for full details on sections in POP-11.

See also HELP
    *SECTIONS       - on defining sections in POP-11
    *CURRENT_SECTION - on accessing and changing current section
    *SECTION_CANCEL  - how to cancel a section
    *SMATCH          - on using MATCHES within sections
    *GLOBAL          - on the use of global identifiers in POP-11