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HELP POP_FILE_MODE                                Aaron Sloman, May 1987

    pop_file_mode -> <integer>
    <integer> -> pop_file_mode

The variable POP_FILE_MODE controls the default protection for files
created by *SYSCREATE and procedures which use it, e.g. *DISCOUT and
VED, when it writes files.

The default value is 8:664, i.e. 436. This is equivalent to giving the
UNIX command

    chmod 664 file

It means that newly created files are readable and writeable by the user
and the rest of the group, and readable by everyone else.

If you wish to ensure that all your newly created files are readable and
writable only by yourself do, in your 'init.p' file:

    8:600 -> pop_file_mode

Note: The file permissions specified by POP_FILE_MODE are subject to
'umask' (the general Unix facility for ensuring all files are created
with specific permissions).

See also:
        - information on tailoring the environment
        - controlling the number of backup files created
        - for more information on this file-creating procedure
    REF  * SYSIO
        - for more on Input/Output procedures

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