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HELP POP2                                 Mark Rubinstein  October 1985

    lib pop2;

This library contains a series of procedure and macro definitions that
allow POP2 code to be compiled as POP-11.  The features used to be
provided as a series of seperate autoloadable extensions but it is
now necessary to load this file explicitly which will make all the
features available automatically.

The features that are provided as synonyms (see HELP * SYSSYNONYM) or
* MACROS are as follows:

    POP-2 form  POP-11 form
    ----------  -----------
    enddo       close           (actually this is a WONDERPOP)
    equal       =               (note that "=" is an operator while
                                    "equal" is a procedure)
    exit        return; close
    fncomp      pdcomp          (since V7 this can be done with <> see
                                    HELP * SYSWORDS /<>)
    fnpart      pdpart
    fnprops     pdprops
    function    define
    goon                        (returns termin unless at top-level)
    init        initv
    lambda      procedure
    loopif      while
    macresults  dl
    switch      go_on to

The following features are provided by procedures:

    POP-2       POP-11 equivalent
    -----       -----------------
    comment     /* .... */          See HELP * COMMENT
    forall      for                 See HELP * FOR
    print       dup <> pr
    recordfns   recordclass         See HELP * RECORDCLASS
    meaning     vars meaning = newproperty([], 100, undef, true);
                                    See HELP * NEWPROPERTY