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HELP OUTCHARITEM                                          Barrett et al, 1984

    outcharitem(<character_consumer>) -> <item_consumer>;
    outcharitem(discout<filename>) -> <item_consumer>;

OUTCHARITEM is applied to a character consumer and returns an item consumer,
which behaves exactly like *PR, except that instead of printing the characters
to the terminal via *CHAROUT, it feeds them to the specified character
consumer. Thus, using OUTCHARITEM, the user can direct output to a file and
the screen in the same procedure since *CUCHAROUT has not been redefined.

The procedure MIXOUTPUT outputs items to both the terminal and a file:

    define mixoutput(file);
        vars outchar outitem list1 list2;
        [this is list1] -> list1;
        [this is list2] -> list2;
        discout(file) -> outchar;           ;;; OUTCHAR is a character consumer
        outcharitem(outchar) -> outitem;    ;;; OUTITEM is an item consumer
        outitem(list1);                     ;;; output to the file
        pr('list1 is filed');             ;;; printed on the screen via CHAROUT
        pr('list2 is filed');
        outitem(termin);                    ;;; needed to close the file

To call MIXOUTPUT, directing some output to the file called MIX, do:

    list1 is filed
    list2 is filed

The file MIX contains:  [this is list1] [this is list2]

See also
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