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HELP NOECHO                                        R.Evans February 1988

    uses noecho;

The macro NOECHO provides a simple way of altering the terminal modes of
POPLOG's standard output device so that it does not echo characters when
they are typed in.

In normal POPLOG interactions, each character typed to POPLOG's top
level is echoed immediately, so you can see what you have typed. On rare
occasions, however, this behaviour is not desirable. Examples include
POPLOG from inside a VSH window (see HELP *VSH) or from an Emacs
terminal emulator window. To turn off echoing, run POPLOG and then
simply type:

    : uses noecho;
    : noecho

As well as turning off echoing, this will also disable the terminal's
RAW, CBREAK and CRMOD modes, which is generally what you want in these

NB: NOECHO is based on the BSD 4.2 TTY interface (see MAN 4 TTY) and
    will not work on systems which don't support that.

[This and certain related bsd facilities are unsupported, and
therefore included in the $usepop/pop/lib/lib/ directory.
    See DOC * SYSSPEC.

It is therefore necessary to compile noecho explicitly e.g. with one of
the following commands
    uses noecho
    lib noecho
The latter will print a warning message.

It is hoped that although the facility is unsupported it will serve as
a useful programming example.]

--- C.unix/help/noecho
--- Copyright University of Sussex 1992. All rights reserved. ----------