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HELP NEXTCHAR                                      A. Sloman Aug 1988

    nextchar(<procedure>) -> <character>

Where <procedure> is an item repeater created by *INCHARITEM, NEXTCHAR
returns the next character that would have been used by the item
repeater. The command

    <character_or_string> -> nextchar(<procedure>)

can be used to modify the internal buffer of the item repeater; the
character or the characters in the string are added to the buffer.
NEXTCHAR can also be applied to *ITEMREAD to access or alter the buffer
of the character repeater used in the expansion of the dynamic list

For further details of input/output procedures, see REF * SYSIO.
For information on the use of ITEMREAD and PROGLIST, see REF *PROGLIST.

See also
HELP *PDTOLIST - for the creation of dynamic lists, e.g. PROGLIST
HELP * INPUT   - for more information on input facilities.

--- C.all/help/nextchar ------------------------------------------------
--- Copyright University of Sussex 1988. All rights reserved. ----------