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HELP NEWS.V10                                             A.Sloman Jan 1986

For most recent news see HELP * NEWS

Aug 18 (John Williams)
    --- Two VED utilities whose names were changed long ago, and subsequently
        only advised users to type something else, have now been withdrawn.
        They are:
            VED_DEF     (renamed VED_DEOF)
            VED_PR      (renamed VEDCOMPILEVEDARGUMENT i.e. <ENTER> :)
Aug 16 (John Williams)
    --- Autoloadable VED procedure VEDCHARNEXT added.
        See HELP *VEDPROCS /vedcharnext for details.

Aug  5 (Mark Rubinstein)
    --- Several libraries that only worked on VMS have been removed from UNIX
    machines.  These include DCL, DELV, SYSCOMMANDS.  Others have been
    rewritten so that they should now work on UNIX machines (e.g. GREP) Still
    others have been deleted altogther (e.g. PURGE (which did a SYSOBEY) and

Aug  5 (Chris Slymon)
    --- VEDPUTCOMMAND now inserts a COPY of it's argument into the command

    --- VEDDOINTERRUPT clears stack before returning to VEDPROCESS. T

Aug  1 (Mark Rubinstein)
    --- LIB * GINREAD, *GRAPHIC, *POLY and DOC * TEKTRONIX have been issued
    with notices warning that they might be removed or substantially altered
    in future versions of POPLOG.

Aug  1 (Mark Rubinstein)
    --- LIB OUTASCII has been removed.  It could be simply defined as:
        vars outascii = charout;
    --- LIB BUFFIO has been removed as output is now buffered in any case. The
    definition of it could be:
        vars inascii = rawcharin, ttyflush = rawoutflush;

        define outascii(c);
        lvars c;
            if c == termin then rawoutflush() else rawcharout(c); endif;

Aug  1 (Mark Rubinstein)
    --- SYSISDIRECTORY(string) -> boolean;
    This has been moved into the public library.  See HELP * POPPROCS.

Jul 30 (John Williams)
    --- A couple of minor bugs in LIB *GEOM3D fixed.

Jul 30 (A.Sloman)
    LIB NEWOBJ - bug in |--> fixed. It did not assign the target
        to 'self'

Jul 29 (John Williams)
    --- POPLOG now includes a Common Lisp subsystem. See HELP *CLISP for more

Jul 29 (John Williams)
    --- HELP * LISPNEWS is now only for news items relevant to Common Lisp.
        News concerning the old POPLOG Lisp system is in HELP *LISPNEWS.OLD

Jul 26 (John Williams)
    --- VED_QSHOWLIB added (analogous to VED_QHELP).
        See HELP *VEDCOMMS /ved_qshowlib

Jul 26 (John Williams)
    --- Non-copying version of *MAPLIST, *NCMAPLIST, added to the auto-loadable

Jul 26 (Mark Rubinstein)
    --- MAPDATA altered to work on words.
        NCMAPDATA (a non-copying version of MAPDATA) installed.  This won't
        work on words.  See HELP * MAPDATA.

Jul 22
      (New core implementation and more compatible with DEC-10 Prolog)

Jul 22 (John Gibson)
    --- The concatenate operation "<>" has been changed so that it does not
    produce a copy of one argument when the other is empty, e.g. list <> []
    will just return list, '' <> string will just return string, etc. On lists
    it is now also faster.

Jul 20 (A.Sloman)
    LIB PRODSYS - new production-system interpreter by Allan Ramsay
       and Mike Sharples, and TEACH PRODSYS replace LIB PSYS and
       TEACH PSYS which will be withdrawn

Jul 19 (John Gibson)
    --- The procedure sysopen now accepts the word "line" as a third argument
    as an alternative to "record". In VMS Poplog this 'forces' the file to
    have 'implicit c/r attribute', so that a newline is added to the end of
    every record read. This surmounts the problem of text files without c/r
    attribute containing empty records (i.e. blank lines), which caused
    sysread to return 0 and made it appear that end of file had been reached.
    Conversely, a third argument of "line" to syscreate will create a file
    with implicit c/r attribute, and cause syswrite to strip a newline off the
    end of each record written.
        In Unix Poplog, "line" and "record" are identical, though for
    compatibility you should switch to using "line".

Jul 17 (John Gibson)
    --- (VMS only) Owing to problems with compatibility between source and
    library files for VMS Poplog and Unix Poplog, the logical name USE$POP that
    supplies the disk for the Poplog directory tree is to be changed to
    USEPOP.  In combination with a new facility for allowing filenames to be
    specified in Unix format (see below), this will make it possible for
    system source and library files using Unix filenames to be compatible with
    VMS Poplog.
        If you have the name USE$POP defined system-wide, you are advised to
    change it to USEPOP (or add USEPOP in parallel) as soon as possible.
    However, the standard command files [POP]LOGIN.COM, [POP.COM]POPLOG.COM
    and [POP.COM]POPLIB.COM all define either name in terms of the other, so
    that it should not be necessary to do this immediately.

    --- (VMS only) A serious bug in "syscreate" and "sysopen" has been fixed.
    This caused the system to crash while creating a device record, if a
    garbage collection just happened to occur at the wrong point (this was
    relatively infrequently, however).

    --- (VMS only) The operation of "systranslate" has changed slightly. By
    default, it now converts the input logical name to uppercase before
    translation, and the result to lowercase. This is compatible with the idea
    that logical names in the VMS tables are usually in uppercase, whereas
    Poplog programs prefer to deal with lowercase. In addition, "sysassign"
    for assigning to logical names has been made the updater of systranslate,
    and this by default converts both the logical name and its required
    translation to uppercase before doing the assignment. For a full
    description, see REF * SYSUTIL.

    --- (VMS only) The procedures "sysfileok" and "dir_><" now cope with
    filenames in Unix format, translating them to VMS format. This means that
    most parts of the system will now accept Unix style names.

    --- (VMS only) "sys_real_time" has been added to VMS Poplog. As in the
    Unix system, it returns the time in seconds since 00:00 1 Jan 1970.
    See REF * SYSUTIL.

Jul 12 (John Williams)
    --- Some library programs previously only available at Sussex have now
    been moved into the main auto-loadable directory. See the following HELP
    files for details:


Jul 13 (Aaron Sloman)
    HELP * NEWOBJ expanded.

Jul 10 (John Williams)
    --- NPR (as in SPR) moved to public library. See HELP *NPR.

Jul  8 (Jonathan Cunningham)
    --- VED_H updated to work again with VMS, plus bug fixes, plus
    HELPFILES() exported (this can be used to initialise the helpfile list).

Jul  4 (John Williams)
    --- HELP *FILL modernised.

Jun 29 (Aaron Sloman)
    --- VED_CUT (see HELP * VEDCOMMS) improved to cope with different cursor
    positions before text deleted.

Jun 28 (Aaron Sloman)
    --- Entry for * POPMEMUSED added to HELP * POPVARS.

Jul  9 (John Gibson)
    --- The way in which "popdprecision" affects the production of
    floating-point results by arithmetic operations and functions has changed.
    The behaviour is now:

    popdprecision       effect
    -------------       ------
    <false>             No double-length (ddecimal) results are produced, ever.

    "ddecimal"          A ddecimal result is produced only if one or other (or
                        the only) argument is ddecimal. (This is the behaviour
                        required by Common LISP.)

    Any other true      Same as the previous case, except that a ddecimal
    value               result is also produced when neither argument is a
                        single-length decimal, i.e. if all argument(s) are
                        either ddecimal or rational ('rational' meaning
                        integers, or bigintegers/ratios when these appear in
                        the system).

    Thus for example, with popdprecision set to <true>, sin(90) would produce
    a ddecimal, whereas if set to "ddecimal" it would produce only a
    single-length result.

Jul  9 (Aaron Sloman)
    --- VED_CUT (see HELP * VEDCOMMS): yet more positions restored accurately
        after deletion.

Jul 6 (John Williams)
    --- *LASTPAIR moved from local to public autoload library (because Common
        Lisp uses it)

Jul 3 (John Gibson)
    --- "vars"-type statements in POP-11 can now include initialisations, by
    following an identifier name with '= <expression>,' (where the comma
    may be omitted if the next item is ")" or ";"). For example:

            vars x=100, y, z=x+4, macro (HI="hello", BYE="goodbye");
            lconstant list = [1 2 3 4], procedure p = identfn;

    etc.  The form

            <declarator> <name1> = <expr1>, <name2> = <expr2>, ...

    is equivalent to

            <declarator> <name1>;
            <expr1> -> <name1>;
            <declarator> <name2>;
            <expr2> -> <name2>;

    For declarations inside a procedure, appropriate code is generated to be
    executed at run-time. Lconstants are the only exception to this, the
    assignments being done at compile-time: in this case the initialisation
    expressions must be meaningful for compile-time evaluation.

    --- 'define updaterof ... ' no longer re-declares the procedure name if no
    declarator (i.e. "vars" etc) is explicitly specified and the name is
    already declared as an identifier. That it did so previously meant that
    constants would be redeclared, when an "updaterof" definition followed a
    "define" for a constant procedure.

    --- "nextreaditem" stands to "readitem" as "nextitem" does to "itemread",
    i.e. macros aren't expanded. HELP * NEXTREADITEM added.

Jun 26 (John Gibson)
    --- POPLOG Version 10.3 with full lexical scoping. There are 2 new POP-11
    identifier declarations, DLVARS and LCONSTANT, and corresponding VM
    will be available as soon as possible, also HELP LEXICAL for an overview
    of lexical scoping.  For the VM level, REF VMCODE will replace the VM
    section of REF SYSCOMPILE.

    --- A bug in VED_TO and VED_MO which caused the destination file not to be
    set "changed" in some circumstances is fixed.

Jun 26 (John Williams)
    --- Some new procedures intended purely for Common Lisp will appear in the
    next version of the system. They are mentioned here so that users will not
    "trip over" their names. They are not to be treated as POP11 facilities
    (at the moment). The procedures are: CONSLIST, DESTLIST, CAR, CDR, ENDP,

Jun 26 (John Williams)

Jun 25 (Mark Rubinstein)
    --- MAPDATA for creating a new record or vector type object with each
    element mapped by a given procedure.  See HELP * MAPDATA.

Jun 25 (Mark Rubinstein)
    --- *** COMING SOON *** NEWANYPROPERTY for creating properties with
    user defined hashing procedures, equalist tests, active defaults and
    expandable properties.  See HELP * NEWANYPROPERTY.

Jun 22 (Aaron Sloman)
    --- LIB NEWOBJ extended to provide 'DEFAULTS' field, and moved to 'public'
    library. LIB NEWOBJ is an experimental unsupported Object-oriented package
    using POP-11 Processes. It provides multiple inheritance.

Jun 18 (Mark Rubinstein)
    --- DISCAPPEND produces a character consumer for appending to a file.
    See HELP * DISCAPPEND for details.

Jun 18 (Mark Rubinstein)
    --- VEDEDITAT(pdr, filename, lineno) - like VEDEDITOR but starts editing
    the file at the specified lineno.

Jun 18 (Mark Rubinstein)
    --- VED_LL altered so that it no longer assumes that you can only have
    14 lines when in long line mode unless the variable vedvt100noavo is set
    true.  See SHOWLIB VED_LL.

Jun 13 (Mark Rubinstein)
    --- HELP files for *LOCCHAR_BACK and *SKIPCHAR_BACK added.  Reference to
    it added to *LOCCHAR, *SKIPCHAR and *STRINGS

Jun 10 (Mark Rubinstein)
    --- TEACH POPNOTES - which at some time got lost from every machine
    except VAX2 has been restored.

Jun  9 (Aaron Sloman)
    --- HELP * V55 modified. Section on LIB AUTOV55 clarified and extended to
    explain new facilities.

Jun  7 (Aaron Sloman)
    --- HELP * SUBSTITUTE added.

Jun  3 (Roger Evans)
    --- Minor 'declaring variable' bug in LIB FACETS fixed.

Jun  2 (Aaron Sloman)
    --- VED_CD (<ENTER> cd directory) altered to call VEDERROR if directory
    does not exist. HELP * CD altered to refer to VED_CD.

June 1 (Aaron Sloman)
    --- This file was too long. Items before 1st Jan 1985 have been moved
    to HELP NEWS.9

May 31 (Jonathan Cunningham)
    --- Small bug in LIB CROSSREF fixed (it didn't recognise numeric
    restrictions in patterns)

May 30 (John Williams)
    --- Library procedure SYSREPEAT tidied up (it didn't make SYSREPEAT a
    global identifier).

May 31 (Mark Rubinstein)
    --- VECTORCLASS and RECORDCLASS fixed to declare an identifier of the
    form <class-name>_key containing the key of the class.

    --- VECTORCLASS accepts an optional ":" between class-name and spec.

28 May 1985 (Jonathan Laventhol)
    --- VECTORCLASS bug fixed. A slipup in CONSKEY meant that vector class
    keys were built wrongly.

    --- ALLBUTFIRST and ALLBUTLAST fixed to return words when given words.
    Also, bugs fixed which could produce system objects in mishap messages
    produced by these procedures.

    --- Mishap printing in VED (with truncated structures) fixed so as not to
    bomb out on nested pairs, nor hang on circular structures, nor expand
    dynamic lists.  Printing is also slightly reformatted.

    --- VED_NAME fixed so that status line messages are correct.

    --- When in VED, broadcast messages often appeared in graphics characters
    in terminals which support them. A change to VEDINASCII, the procedure
    which VED reads characters with, makes this much more unlikely.

    --- VED_QUIT, the procedure used to quit files in VED, slightly altered so
    that programs which want to retain pointers to the structure
    VEDCURRENTFILE can do so sensibly.  Previously, VED altered the structure
    as it was quit.

May 24 (Roger Evans)
    --- LIB FACETS now allows terminal symbols in grammar rules when used with
    LIB GRAMMAR (ie symbols that have no entry in the lexicon, but are
    themselves literal words.

May 24 (Mark Rubinstein)
    --- POPINDEX and VED_SOURCEFILE fixed to use sys_>< - previously
    they didn't work if POP_PR_QUOTES was true.

May 22 (Mark Rubinstein)
    --- HELP * VEDVERSIONS partially rewritten to make clear the
    relationship between VEDVERSIONS and * POP_FILE_VERSIONS.

May 22 (Mark Rubinstein)
    --- RECORDCLASS and VECTORCLASS updated to use LVARS in order to
    ensure that field names will not class with the local variables (e.g.
    previously you could not have a field called "name").

May 22 (Jonathan Laventhol)
    --- A fairly serious bug has been introduced into VECTORCLASS and
    RECORDCLASS to do with bitfields.  So if your program uses a new class
    like this
        vectorclass foo 1;
    (or any number not a power of two) then you will get system objects!
    The bug has been tracked down, it will be fixed as soon as possible.

May 21 (Mark Rubinstein)
    --- VEDFILESELECT streamlined.  If it lists the files in another ved
    buffer then it uses VEDFILEPROPS to indicate documentation files more

May 13 (Jonathan Laventhol)
    --- System rebuilt with various fixes:

    --- SYS_>< added.  Like ><, see *STRINGS, and see entry below March 20.

    --- Bug in >< fixed.  See entry below for March 20.

    --- DEST_CHARACTERS altered to give standard printing.  It is no longer
    sensitive to POP_PR_QUOTES etc, setting them locally to their default
    values.  HELP *DEST_CHARACTERS updated.

    --- Minor bugs in SETPOP, and MISHAP fixed: foulups with POP_PR_QUOTES.

    --- VED_CLEAR rewritten to fix bug with 'non-writable system structure'
        Has new messages.  ENTER YANK now works properly with it.

    --- Can now give capital 'Y' and 'N' to VED substitute.

    --- TRACE now works with closures of variadic procedures. Used to
        mishap if closure had negative PDNARGS.  Now pretends PDNARGS is 0.
        HELP *PDNARGS and *DATALENGTH updated.

    --- Can now use VED commands with capital letters in them.  Used to always
        convert the command name to lowercase.  Now, given ENTER Foo, VED
        looks for a procedure "ved_Foo", tries to autoload it if needed, if
        not found then looks for "ved_foo", or tries to autoload that.  The
        second autoloading is not tried on VMS systems, because there is no
        case distinction in filenames.

    --- The procedure VEDCOMMANDTRAP now works.  This is called before any
        action when a VED ENTER command is given.  Allows arbitrary action of
        ENTER commands.

    --- POPLOG can now be used as a login shell (UNIX ONLY).  Users who
        wish to make use of this facility should see their system manager,
        to set up an initialisation file in their login directory called
        .login.p -- this should be a POP11 file which sets up the list
        popenvlist.  Practical use of this feature will require provision
        of standard files and more documentation.  Users should regard this
        as an experimental feature until these are developed.

May 13 (Mark Rubinstein)
    --- HELP * POP_FILE_VERSIONS installed.  It refers to the effect of
    the variable on VMS machines.  This effect will not be noticed until a
    planned change to the VMS system occurs.  The help file will not
    appear on VMS there until the system has been changed.

May  9 (Aaron Sloman)
    --- HELP * VEDPROCS * VEDCOMMS and * VEDVARS updated.

May  3 (Aaron Sloman)
    --- HELP * POPVARS updated. Entry for POP_FILE_VERSIONS added

Coming (John Williams)
    --- Rationalisation of the effects of APPDATA, EXPLODE, DATALENGTH and
    DATALIST on arrays.

May 3 (Aaron Sloman)
    --- Owing to problems with our Systime 8750 we have lost some files, and
    it may take some time to recover fully. There may be discrepancies between
    help and library files, as a result.
    Help files recently updated:
       * VEDCOMMS (ved_gsl, ved_cut, ved_splice)

Apr 19 (Mark Rubinstein)
    --- HELP SYS_FILE_STAT updated to cover UNIX as well.

Apr 19 (Aaron Sloman)
    --- REF SYNTAX updated to mention LVARS

Apr 16 (John Williams)
    --- READEXPRESSION found to be the same as EXPRREAD (one of Allan Ramsay's
    LIB FORMS utilities). So READEXPRESSION changed to be identical - perhaps
    to be withdrawn later.

Apr 17 (Jonathan Laventhol)
    --- Minor bug in ENTER SW fixed.  Now complains if too close to left

Apr 14 (Aaron Sloman)
    --- HELP * FOR brought up to date

    --- FAST_FOR: can now be used in place of 'for' for loops without
    checking. Terminator may be either 'ENDFOR' or 'ENDFAST_FOR'. Formats
    allowed include:

        fast_for <variable> in ...
        fast_for <variable> on ...
        fast_for <variable> from ...
        fast_for <variable> to ...

    (In the last two, only fast integer operations are used.)

Apr 11 (Roger Evans)
    --- FAST_NCREV added - a non-checking version of NCREV - twice as fast!

Apr  5 (Aaron Sloman)
    --- A book entitled 'POP-11: A Practical Language for AI' will be
    published by Ellis Horwood and Wiley, during the Summer of 1985. It
    totally supersedes TEACH PRIMER. It is aimed at readers who are already
    programmers, not at absolute beginners.

Apr  5 (Aaron Sloman)
    --- Two new autoloadable FAST procedures. FAST_MEMBER and FAST_LMEMBER
    Both use ' == []' instead of NULL to test for end of list. On a 10000
    element list, FAST_LMEMBER is nearly three times as fast as LMEMBER.
    FAST_MEMBER is about 25% faster than MEMBER (which is four times slower
    than LMEMBER at looking for a number in a list). The FAST_ procedures will
    crash on dynamic lists, and are unsafe on lists which might not end in [].
    See REF FASTPROCS for more information on 'FAST' procedures.

Apr  5 (Aaron Sloman)
    --- HELP * EFFICIENCY updated with information on list processing times.

Apr  3 (Aaron Sloman)
    --- Section on repeated call of an updater added to HELP * EFFICIENCY.

    --- HELP * UPDATER and * PDPROPS extended and clarified.

Apr  2 (Mark Rubinstein)
    --- VEDJUMPTO made slightly more efficient.

Apr 1 (Aaron Sloman)
    --- LIB V55KEY5 does for Visual 55 what LIB VEDKEY5 does for V200.
    See HELP * VEDKEY5

Mar 31 (Aaron Sloman)
    --- ENTER stop no longer asks you to press return when you re-run the
    suspended process.

Mar 30 (John Williams)
    VEDJUMPTO made slightly more efficient.

Mar 24 (Aaron Sloman)

Mar 22 (Mark Rubinstein)
    --- SYSFILEPARSE updated (thanks to John Williams) so that it works
    properly on UNIX machines (note the second field "disk" is always a
    changed to use this as they always have done on VMS.

    --- IMPORTANT NOTE: the affect of SYSFILENAME is now changed - it no
    longer returns the file extension if there is one.  The new procedure
    SYSFULLFILENAME will do this and libraries using SYSFILENAME have been
    changed to use this if necessary.

Mar 21 (Mark Rubinstein)
    --- <ENTER> SEND now deals with apostrophes (') in subject line.
    Previously it hung up without warning!

Mar 20 (Tom Khabaza)
    Ved commands <ENTER> WC and WCR altered to use the same itemisation rules
    as unix wc.  New versions also run faster. See HELP * WC.

Mar 20 (Jonathan Laventhol)
    --- Some bug fixes coming:

    --- SYS_>< added.  This is like ><, but is immune to changes to PR and the
    control variables POP_PR_EXPONENT, POP_PR_QUOTES, POP_PR_RADIX and
    POP_PR_PLACES: it sets the variables and uses SYS_SYSPR. All appropriate
    system uses of >< are changed. This fixes bug of quotes appearing in
    strange places when POP_PR_QUOTES set true. HELP *POP_PR_QUOTES *SYS_SYSPR
    added. HELP *STRINGS *PR updated.

    --- Bug in >< removed, now always uses PR.  (Used to sometimes use <>, and
    hence gave funny behaviour when POP_PR_QUOTES true).

    --- HELP *PDPROPS updated.  Used to say boundslist of array was in PDPROPS.

    --- VED_CLEAR rewritten to make sure all variables set up properly.  Fixes
    various bugs including <ENTER> YANK after <ENTER> clear messing up tabs.

Mar 17 (Aaron Sloman)
    --- DOC OVERVIEW slightly updated. Installation guide DOC AAREAD.ME
    updated and clarified.

Mar 17 (Aaron Sloman)
    --- VED_IC (ENTER IC) can now cope with CR (CTRL M, ascii 13) or LF (10).

Mar 17 (Aaron Sloman)
    --- LIB V55 - VEDSTATUSSWITCH assigned to keypad "," instead of
    VEDSWITCHSTATUS, which did not mark current line.

Mar 15 (Aaron Sloman)
    --- HELP * SUSPEND updated to mention optional process argument.

Mar 15 (Aaron Sloman)
    --- VED_SEND minor bug fixed: now restores position of cursor.

Mar 15 (Aaron Sloman)
    --- VED_LS made to use temporary file in users $HOME directory.

Mar 15 (Mark Rubinstein)
    --- CHARIN_TIMEOUT made slightly more efficient.

Mar 13 (Aaron Sloman)
    --- HELP * SYSOBEY updated, re `!` for second argument.

    --- New ENTER SEND: names can be on a line starting: 'To:'. Now moves
    marked range instead deleting and re-inserting lines.

Mar 13 (Mark Rubinstein)
    --- Minor bug fix to DATAFILE.  Previously it couldn't write "-" signs
    without a number.

Mar 12 (Mark Rubinstein)
    --- Minor bug fixes to LIB FINGER (and associated teach file).

Mar 11 (Aaron Sloman)
    --- UPPERTOLOWER and LOWERTOUPPER made a bit more efficient

Mar  9 (Mark Rubinstein)
    --- VEDTHISSTRING moved from file <vedthisstrinq.p> to <vedthisstring.p>.

Mar 3  (Aaron Sloman)
    --- LIB AUTOV55 (automatic selection between V200 and V55) in Public
    Library. See HELP * V55, or SHOWLIB AUTOV55.

    --- HELP * VEDTERMINALSELECT clarified and brought up to date. The
    following files have been removed from the VED library, as the relevant
    procedures are now in the system: ved_ti.p ved_to.p ved_mi.p ved_mo.p

    --- HELP * VEDKEYS updated with more cross references.

Feb 25 (Aaron Sloman)
    --- HELP * INITIAL.EX extended with examples related to V55.


Feb 22 (Mark Rubinstein)
    --- INSTANCE altered so that it can take an optional second argument
    specifing action to take if the variable is undefined or is prefixed by a
    double query and its value is not a list.  If the second argument is not
    provided then its behaviour is not altered.  See HELP * INSTANCE.

Feb 21 (Mark Rubinstein)
    --- VEDLOADLINE() loads the current line without upsetting the marked
    range. LIB VEDLOADLINE, now in the public library defines this and assigns
    it to <ESC> d. HELP * VEDPROCS updated.


Feb 16 (Aaron Sloman)
    --- Bug in VEDMARKPOP fixed. It did not always reset marked range.

Feb 15 (Aaron Sloman)
    --- Improved version of VED_H, replacing previously withdrawn version.

    --- VED_STOP added to HELP * VEDCOMMS


Feb 14 (Mark Rubinstein)
    --- Popready fixed so that it now works smoothly in ved with Version 10's
    interactive mode.  To exit from popready it is necessary to do
    <escape> <control> Z.

Feb 11 (Aaron Sloman)
    --- Some VED help files slightly updated:

    --- POPINDEX speeded up by using more/shorter files. Also slightly
    generalised to enable users to create and use their own index files.

Feb 3  (Mark Rubinstein)
    --- Entries for * POP_TIMEOUT and POP_TIMEOUT_SECS inserted into

Jan 30 (Aaron Sloman)
    --- VEDBACKLOCATE had a bug - did not find most recent occurrence of
    string if there were two on same line. Fixed temporarily.
    See HELP * VEDPROCS (The bug is in ved_backsearch, actually).

    --- VED_DS (search up to and delete) and VED_DSB (delete searching
    backwards) added to library. See help vedcomms.

Jan 28 (Aaron Sloman)
    --- POPINDEX made very much faster. VED_SOURCEFILE cleaned up.

Jan 22 (Aaron Sloman)
    --- LIB SETV55KEYS and HELP * SETV55KEYS copied from local to public

    --- HELP * MAIL added. ENTER SEND sends the whole file. ENTER SENDMR sends
    only the marked range. See HELP * SEND

Jan 9  (Aaron Sloman)
    --- Minor alteration to VED_LL in order to supress declaring variable

    --- Bug in CONSKEY to do with ddecimal fields in records fixed.

Jan 8  (John Williams)
    --- Some bugs in VED_MEP (and hence VED_MCP, VED_JCP etc) fixed.

    --- New procedure ARRAYVECTOR_BOUNDS that returns the bounds of the used
    portion of an array's *ARRAYVECTOR.

Jan 4  (Aaron Sloman)
    --- VED_CUT and VED_SPLICE cleaned up and made to act more naturally.
    They now use global variable VVEDCUT_DUMP, not VVEDDUMP.

Jan 1  (Aaron Sloman)
    --- VEDCHARINSERT had a bug when VEDBREAK was true and line had to be
    broken to left of cursor. Character was not inserted. Now fixed.

************** FOR NEWS ITEMS BFORE JAN 1985 see HELP NEWS.9 *****************

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