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HELP MOVE_BYTES                                     John Gibson, July 1982

   move_bytes(<sb:integer>, <sstruct>, <db:integer>, <dstruct>, <count>)

MOVE_BYTES copies the COUNT bytes of SSTRUCT starting at byte SB to the
bytes of DSTRUCT starting at byte DB. Bytes in SSTRUCT and DSTRUCT are
numbered from 1 up, byte 1 being the first byte after the key field, (i.e.
the first byte of the third longword).

SSTRUCT and DSTRUCT are any two structures containing no full fields (i.e.
no pointers are permitted), thus the structures allowed for this operation
are the same as those allowed for *SYSREAD and *SYSWRITE - See SYSREAD in
REF * SYSIO /SYSREAD for a fuller description.

(MOVE_BYTES is essentially equivalent to, but of course much faster than:

    erase(syswrite(dev, sb, sstruct, n));
    sysread(dev, db, dstruct, n);

where dev is a block i/o device.)