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HELP MKVEDIMAGE                                  John Williams, Oct 1990

UNIX:       % pop11 mkvedimage <image name> <libraries to load>
 VMS:       $ pop11 mkvedimage <image name> <libraries to load>

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 -- Introduction
 -- Running images built by LIB MKVEDIMAGE
 -- See also

-- Introduction --------------------------------------------------------

LIB * MKVEDIMAGE is a tool for creating saved images that have one or
more VED terminal configuration packages built in.  VED will start up
more quickly when run inside such an image, since the necessary terminal
configuration libraries have already been compiled.

MKVEDIMAGE is an interface to a more general facility described in HELP
* MKIMAGE, using the '-ved' option.

-- Using LIB MKVEDIMAGE ------------------------------------------------

LIB MKVEDIMAGE is not a conventional library that defines one or more
procedures. Rather, it is a "command" file, which should be used by
invoking POP11 with "mkvedimage" as its first argument. The remaining
arguments to POP11 are passed to LIB MKVEDIMAGE. The first such argument
should specify the name of the saved image to be built. Subsequent
arguments specify libraries that should be compiled into the saved

For example, the UNIX shell command

    pop11 mkvedimage $poplocalbin/vt220.psv vedvt220

would create a saved image named "vt220.psv" in $poplocalbin, with LIB
VEDVT220 compiled into it.

Note: it is possible to compile several different libraries into the
same saved image.  VED will decide which library procedure to execute
when it is first invoked (after the image has been restored), on the
basis of the current terminal type.

-- Running images built by LIB MKVEDIMAGE ------------------------------

When restored, a saved image created by LIB MKVEDIMAGE starts up POPLOG
in the standard way (as described in REF * SYSTEM), except that
command-line arguments are treated as commands to invoke the editor,
rather than names of files to be loaded.

So, continuing the example given above, the command

    pop11 +vt220 ved foo.p

would run the "vt220" saved image, and then immediately invoke VED
on the file "foo.p". Similarly, the command

    pop11 +vt220 help mkvedimage

would run the "vt220" saved image, and then edit this HELP file.

It may be useful to define "abbreviations" for these commands, e.g.

    VMS:        vt220 :== 'pop11' +vt220 ved
    UNIX:       alias vt220 "pop11 +vt220 ved"

-- See also ------------------------------------------------------------

The file REF * VEDTERMINALS explains how VED determines the terminal
type, and lists the libraries associated with each.

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