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HELP MKSSIMAGE                                   John Williams, Jul 1990

           This library has been superseded by a more general
                  facility described in HELP * MKIMAGE.

    pop11 mkssimage [-main <subsystem>] <image name> <files to load>

LIB * MKSSIMAGE is a tool for building saved images that contain one or
more subsystems. It ensures that the image is built in a "standard" way
(using -sys_lock_system-), and that it performs standard initialisation
and command-line argument processing when restored (using -syssetup-).
Also, for convenience, it sets -pop_record_writeable- true, and loads

LIB MKSSIMAGE is not a conventional library that defines one or more
procedures. Rather, it is a "command" file, which should be used by
invoking POP-11 with "mkssimage" as its first argument. The remaining
arguments to POP-11 are passed to LIB MKSSIMAGE, and interpreted as

If the first argument is the flag "-main", it should be followed by
the name of a Poplog subsystem. LIB MKSSIMAGE assigns this subsystem
name to the variable -subsystem- just before creating the saved image.

The next argument (the first if "-main" is absent), specifies the name
of the saved image file.

The remaining arguments specify files to be compiled into the saved

For example, the shell/DCL command

    pop11 mkssimage image.psv file1.p file2.p

would create an image called "image.psv" from "file1.p" and "file2.p".

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--- Copyright University of Sussex 1991. All rights reserved. ----------