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HELP MAPLIST                                      John Williams Jul 1985
                                         Updated: Adrian Howard Mar 1992

    maplist(LIST_1, P) -> LIST_2
    LIST2 -> maplist(LIST1, P)

This procedure takes as arguments a list and a procedure. It returns a
(possibly empty) list whose elements are the result of applying the
given procedure to each element of the argument list. The updater is
defined in such a way that

    listvals -> maplist(list,proc)

is equivalent to

    dl(listvals) -> applist(rev(list), updater(proc))

For example:

    maplist([1 4 9 25], sqrt) =>
    ** [1.0 2.0 3.0 5.0]

    maplist([a b c d], procedure(x); [^x] endprocedure) =>
    ** [[a] [b] [c] [d]]

    vars list1 = [[a 1] [b 2] [c 3]];
    vars list2 = [A B C];
    list2 -> maplist(list1,hd);
    list1 =>
    ** [[A 1] [B 2] [C 3]]

-maplist- could be defined as:

    define maplist(list, proc);
        lvars list, procedure proc;
        [% applist(list, proc) %]

and its -updater- as

    define updaterof maplist(vals,list,proc);
        lvars vals,list, procedure proc;
        dl(vals) -> applist(rev(list), updater(proc))

Also see:

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REF *DATA       --- Details on generic data procedures.
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--- C.all/help/maplist
--- Copyright University of Sussex 1992. All rights reserved. ----------