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HELP LP                                          John Williams, Apr 1989

    <ENTER> lp [-<flags>] [<filenames>]
    <ENTER> lpmr [-<flags>]

<ENTER> LP provides a Ved interface to the Unix lp command, for printing

If you are unfamiliar with lp, you should read MAN * LP.

<ENTER> LP is exactly like the Unix lp, except that if no <filenames>
are specified, the contents of the current Ved buffer are sent to the
printer. So, for example, to print this file on a printer called "tpb",

    <ENTER> lp -d tpb <RETURN>

You can also print marked portions of files, using <ENTER> LPMR. For
example, the command

    <ENTER> lpmr -d tpb

will send the marked portion of the current file to the printer "tpb".

See also
    HELP * LPR (an interface to the Unix lpr print command).

+-+ C.unix/help/lp
+-+ Copyright University of Sussex 1989. All rights reserved.