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HELP KEYS                                       John Gibson, Sept 83

This file is about the KEYS to POPLOG data structures.

See HELP *VEDKEYS for the use of the keyboard with VED.

-- KEYS ---------------------------------------------------------------

POPLOG objects are either "simple" i.e. integers or single precision
decimal numbers, or "compound".

Every compound structure in the POPLOG system contains a field which is
a pointer to a KEY structure. Simple objects are also associated with
keys, but less directly (see HELP * DATAKEY).

The key associated with an object identifies the class of the object,
and can also hold various information about the class; for instance
which procedures are used to print objects in the class or to manipulate
fields within the structure of an object in that class. New classes of
object can be defined by the user, by using the procedure * CONSKEY to
define a new key for the class.

HELP * CLASSES gives an overview of procedures associated with keys and

REF *DATA gives more detailed information on data structures, and
REF *KEYS for more on keys.

See also HELP
    *CONSKEY        - for defining new keys
    *DATASTRUCTURES - for an index to HELP files on POP-11 data structures

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