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HELP INTOF                                  Revised by A.Sloman Dec 1990

    intof(<number:N>) -> <integer:I>

If N is real (i.e. non-complex), -intof- truncates it to an integer,
i.e. it returns the integer I of the same sign as N and with the
largest magnitude such that abs(I) <= abs(N). If N is sufficiently large
the result may be a biginteger.

If N is a complex number, the result is the integral complex number
obtained by applying -intof- to its parts, i.e.

    intof(realpart(N)) +: intof(imagpart(N))


    intof(3.5444) =>
    ** 3

    intof(-3.544) =>
    ** -3

    sqrt(-3.7) =>
    ** 0.0_+:1.92354

    intof(3.6 + sqrt(-3.7)) =>
    ** 3_+:1

    intof(27/5) =>
    ** 5

See also


See REF *NUMBERS for details of numbers and mathematical operations
available in POP-11.

See also HELP
    *DECIMALS - for the distinction between integers, decimals and ddecimals
    *MATH     - for a summary of mathematical operations in POP-11
    *EQUALS   - for information about equality tests on numbers

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