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HELP IDENTTYPE                           Jonathan Laventhol, August 1984.

    identtype( <word> ) -> <word | integer>

Variables and constants can be declared to be of procedure type (to find
out  how see  HELP *  VARS).  This means  their value  will always  be a

You might  want to find  out if  a word has  been declared to  hold only
procedures: identtype  returns a  word or number  telling you  about the
type of  the variable. If  the result is "undef"  then the word  has not
been declared.

        ;;; a procedure identifier (like most system procedures)
        identtype("identtype") =>
        ** procedure

        ;;; an ordinary variable
        vars x;
        identtype("x") =>
        ** 0

        ;;; a word which is not declared
        identtype("what_me_worry_?") =>
        ** undef