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GLOBAL                                                John Gibson Feb 1983

The syntax word GLOBAL is for use in connection with sections.

Global Identifiers
Certain identifiers (e.g. those in the system and those in the autoloadable
library) are normally required to be accessible in all sections, and thus to
be imported into sections without any explicit declaration to that effect. To
this end, an identifier can be declared as GLOBAL, meaning that it should be
considered an automatic import into any sub-section of a section where it is
accessible. This can be done either at run-time with sysGLOBAL (see below),
or at compile-time with a VARS or CONSTANT statement prefixed by GLOBAL, e.g.

            global vars x y z;
            global constant a b c;

The keyword GLOBAL can also appear in a DEFINE statement after the word
DEFINE (but before any VARS or CONSTANT), thus

            define global x(); ... enddefine;
            define global constant y(); ... enddefine;

For more information see REF * SECTIONS