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HELP FCOMP (Unix only)                             Aaron Sloman Aug 1988

<ENTER> fcomp
<ENTER> fcomp <file>
<ENTER> fcomp <file1> <file2> <file3> ..
    (for further options see below)

Compile and run Fortran (f77) programs from the VED buffer. Unless
the option "-i" is used, the output will go into a temporary VED file.

File names may end in ".f" or ".F" (program files), or ".o" (object
files). ".F" files are preprocessed by the C preprocessor.

Some of the optional "flags":
    -i          = run program interactively (output not saved in VED)
    -c          = compile only to object files
    -S          = produce assembler output
    -lm         = use the math library (for sqrt, sin, cos, etc)
                    (See HELP * CCOMP for warnings about order)
    -o <name>   = use the name for the executable file

See "man f77" for details of options available when compiling fortran

For full details concerning this VED interface see HELP * CCOMP. This
describes -ved_ccomp- a similar utility for compiling and running C
programs from VEd.

ved_fcomp is exactly like ved_ccomp except that it calls "f77" instead
of "cc" and it uses different file extensions.


To examine the source code: SHOWLIB * VED_FCOMP

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--- Copyright University of Sussex 1988. All rights reserved. ----------