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HELP EXITTO                                    Ros Barrett, January 1986

    exitto(<procedure | call stack length>)

The procedure EXITTO takes one argument, which can be either a procedure
higher up in the calling stack than the caller, or an integer
representing a call stack length as returned by *CALLSTACKLENGTH.
Control leaves the caller immediately EXITTO is called. If the first
argument is a procedure any remaining instructions in the caller, and
those procedures between it and the target procedure on the calling
stack, are never executed. Local variable values are reset as control
unwinds up the calling stack to the target procedure. The target
procedure, and procedures above it in the calling stack, are continued
normally. If the first argument is an integer, exiting terminates when
the call stack length is equal to or less than the integer.

For other non-standard control structures, see HELP *CHAIN, *CHAINFROM,

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