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HELP EMACS                                  Robert Duncan, November 1992

Poplog for Emacs users.

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 -- Introduction
 -- Driving Poplog from Emacs
 -- Making VED look like Emacs

-- Introduction -------------------------------------------------------

This file is meant as an aid to Emacs users coming to Poplog for the
first time and finding themselves confused or irritated by the built-in
editor VED. The relationship between Poplog and VED is close, and there
is no doubt that VED is the most effective medium for interacting with
Poplog. Yet although VED is similar in functionality to Emacs, its style
and feel are sufficiently different that some Emacs users find it
difficult to get on with.

Emacs users who want to use Poplog thus have a choice: either to stay
with Emacs and use that as the front-end to Poplog (possibly suffering
some loss of functionality), or else to get to grips with VED. For those
in the first group, the Poplog CONTRIB directory tree contains an Emacs
Lisp package which customises Emacs for Poplog; for the second group,
there is a VED library which installs Emacs-like key bindings to make
things seem more familiar.

-- Driving Poplog from Emacs ------------------------------------------

The directory $popcontrib/emacs contains a package which customises GNU
Emacs for use with Poplog. Features include:

    o   a major mode for editing Pop11 program files

    o   a command to run a Poplog process for interactive input and
        incremental compilation

    o   commands to read Poplog documentation

This package is user-contributed software (see HELP * CONTRIB).
Instructions for use can be found in:


-- Making VED look like Emacs -----------------------------------------

The library *VEDEMACS changes VED's key map to make some common key
bindings the same as the Emacs defaults. There is no sense in which this
can be described as an emulator for Emacs: the idea is to allow users
familiar with Emacs key bindings to perform simple editing operations
without having to work too hard. The library is useful for those who
have to use VED occasionally or temporarily; longer-term use really
requires getting to know VED in its own right.

The simplest way to use of the library is via a saved image. Run this
command from the shell to make the image:

    % pop11 %nort mkimage vedemacs vedemacs

and this command to invoke it:

    % pop11 +vedemacs ved

Once inside VED, typing:

    <ESC> x help vedemacs <RETURN>

will display the documentation for the library.

--- C.all/help/emacs
--- Copyright University of Sussex 1992. All rights reserved. ----------