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HELP DLVARS                                      Adrian Howard, Sep 1992

    dlvars <word 1>, <word 2>, <word 3> = <initialisation>, ...;

The efficiency gain in using -lvars- is not always realised if the
procedure contains NESTED procedure definitions that use one or more of
the lexical variables non-locally. This is because the compiler may have
to make a new closure of the nested procedure every time the enclosing
procedure runs, causing considerable storage turn-over and garbage
collections. To overcome this such variables can be declared as a
lexically scoped dynamic variable using -dlvars-. For full information
see HELP *LVARS/Nested.

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    *LVARS      --- Detailed summary of lexical variables.
    *LEXICAL    --- More information on lexically scoped variables.
    *sysDLVARS  --- Procedure used to declare -dlvars- identifiers.

    REF *POPSYNTAX/dlvars --- The -dlvars- syntax definition.

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