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HELP DATAFILE                                       David Hogg, Feb 1982
                                           Revised Aaron Sloman Sep 2009

The procedure datafile allows certain Pop-11 data structures to be
recorded on disk, and subsequently read back.

To write a structure to disk, use:

    struct -> datafile(filename);

Similarly, to read a structure back from disk, use:

    datafile(filename) -> struct;

The permitted datatypes are:

    Words, numbers, lists, vector types, record types, arrays,
    ordinary properties, booleans, named procedures, closures of named

Since arrays can be organised by row or by column, that information
about an array is stored by the updater of datafile and restored when
datafile recreates the array from a stored version.

--- C.all/help/datafile
--- Copyright University of Sussex 2009. All rights reserved.