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HELP CURRENT_SECTION                                  A. Sloman Apr 1983
                                         Revised: Adrian Howard Apr 1992

    current_section -> SECT

-current_section- is an active variable which holds the current section
record SECT. The current section can be changed by assigning another
section to -current_section- like this:

    SECT -> current_section

The initial value of -current_section- is the top-level section record
-pop_section- (see HELP *POP_SECTION); this outputs as follows:

    current_section =>
    ** <section>

Also see:

    *POP_SECTION        --- On the top-level section record
    *SECTION_CANCEL     --- How to cancel a section
    *SMATCH             --- Using pattern matching in sections

    HELP *GLOBAL        --- The use of global identifiers in POP-11
    HELP *SECTIONS      --- Defining sections in POP-11

    REF *SECTIONS       --- Full details of sections in POP-11

--- C.all/help/current_section
--- Copyright University of Sussex 1992. All rights reserved. ----------