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HELP CONDITIONALS                                       Steve Hardy 1978
                                         Updated: Adrian Howard Mar 1992

There are several kinds of conditional statements in POP-11. For further
information see:

    *IF         --- Do an action if some condition is true.

    *UNLESS     --- Do an action if some condition is -false-.

    *SWITCHON   --- A succession of conditions associated with different
                    actions (this form permits abbreviation of
                    multi-branch conditionals in many cases.)

    *GO_ON      --- Transfer control to different areas of a program
                    depending on the value of a numerical expression.

    *QUITIF     --- Conditional exits from looping expressions.

    *NEXTIF     --- Conditional "restarting" of looping expressions.

    *RETURNIF   --- Conditional return from a procedure.

In the case of -if- and -unless-, multi-branch conditionals are

Also see:

        Booleans in POP-11.

        Details of POP-11 syntax.

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