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HELP CHARIN_TIMEOUT                     Revised by Mark Rubinstein, Nov 85

    charin_timeout(<integer>) -> <integer or false>;

This procedure takes an <integer> as argument, and waits until <integer>
hundredths of a second have elapsed, or a  character has been pressed at the
terminal. If a character  is pressed, then it returns the character. If not,
it returns FALSE. If several characters are typed during the wait, the first
one will be lost.

CHARIN_TIMEOUT is implemented in terms of POP_TIMEOUT and POP_TIMEOUT_SECS in
order not to clash with the timer used by SYSSETTIMER on those machine in
which the timers are different (VMS machines).  This means that the
granularity of the timer is to the nearest second and the arguments given
in hundredths of second will be rounded to the nearest second.

See also
HELP * POP_TIMEOUT  - part of facility for timing out terminal reads
HELP * SYSSETTIMER  - calls a procedure when a specified period has elapsed
HELP * SYSSLEEP     - suspends the current process for a specified period
HELP * SYSHIBERNATE - suspends the current process until an interrupt occurs
HELP * CLOCK        - a summary of POP-11 procedures to do with timing.