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This procedure is used by the error-printing routine *SYSPRMISHAP to print
characters at the terminal. It is initialised via the value of SYS$ERROR on
startup of POP-11. The output device used is returned by *POPDEVERR. The
current column of output is held in the variable POP_CHARERR_COL.

The variable *CUCHARERR is to CHARERR as *CUCHAROUT is to *CHAROUT i.e.
SYSPRMISHAP actually uses whatever is the value of CUCHARERR, the default
value being CHARERR.

See also
REF  *SYSIO       - for more information on I/O procedures
HELP *MISHAP      - the mishap procedure
HELP *SYSPRMISHAP - prints out error messages
HELP *CUCHARERR   - holds the character consumer used by SYSPRMISHAP
HELP *CHAROUT     - usual procedure for output to the terminal
HELP *POPDEVERR   - returns the device for the standard error channel