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HELP CHAINTO                            Ros Barrett, January 1986

    chainto(<procedure 1 | call stack length>, <procedure 2>)

CHAINTO takes two arguments:

  1. a target procedure to chain to, or a call stack length (e.g.
        the result of *CALLSTACKLENGTH) implicitly identifying a
        target procedure. (procedure 1)
  2. a procedure to run. (procedure 2)

As with *CHAINFROM, the target may be either an actual procedure, or a
call stack length as returned by *CALLSTACKLENGTH. The procedure
provided as the second argument is then simply run. When (or if) it
finishes, control will return to the target procedure. Unlike
*CHAINFROM, a *CHAIN does not actually take place. Control unwinds from
the caller to the target which is provided as the first argument.

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