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HELP CALENDAR                                    JL Cunningham, 13 July 1983

LIB CALENDAR provides a VED command to create a calendar, suitable for
printing on a printer at least 120 columns wide. It should be easy to
modify it for other purposes. To use it (after loading it with LIB CALENDAR),
inside VED do


this produces a calendar for the current year. To produce a calendar for,
e.g. 1979, do

        ENTER CALENDAR 1979

After the calendar has been created, it may be inspected using VED, or
printed by



LIB CALENDAR also defines a useful procedure for calculating which day of
the week a particular date occurred on - this takes a date and returns a
number from 1 to 7. E.g.

        : day_in_week(25,12,1983)=>
        ** 1

Christmas 1983 falls on a Sunday.

        : day_in_week(sysdaytime())=>
        ** 4

Today is Wednesday.