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HELP BUGFORM                                         A.Sloman March 1990
                                             Updated J.Clinton July 1995
                                              Updated A.Sloman July 1999


Since Poplog  is no  longer sold  as a  commercial product  there is  no
longer an "official" form for  reporting bugs or for making  enhancement

However, it is possible to ask the user community for help by  posting a
request to the comp.lang.pop news group.

There may be  additional mechanisms for  finding help available  through
the Poplog WEB site:

If you do  wish to post  a request for  help, you can  make the task  of
helpers as easy as  possible by using  the rest of  this help file  as a
framework for your request.

Please  edit  the  file  as  appropriate,  then  post  it  WITHOUT  this
explanatory header.

Customers who  have  a maintenance  contract  with  ISL or  one  of  its
distributors are entitled to support -- in the form of bug-fixes,  work-
arounds, etc. -- for any problems  they are having. Please contact  your
supplier for details.

Note: If  you have  recently acquired  a new  version of  the  operating
system, and the bug  manifests itself ONLY on  the new version, then  it
MAY be the case that some of the libraries have changed and your problem
will go  away  if  you  re-link  Poplog,  as  described  in  HELP NEWPOP.

You can expect more helpful replies from other users if you follow these

1. In the case of bugs, please keep original code/saved images, etc.,
   manifesting the bug available in case required for testing.

2. Please always mention which make and model of computer you are using,
   which operating system and version it is running and the version of
   Poplog you are using.

3. Please give a precise description, including sufficient code to
   reproduce undesired behaviour.

4. Include a record of interaction if possible.

5. Please do not use vague statements such as:
    "There's something wrong with procedure FOO"
    "If I do X the results are bizarre"
    "I can't get X to work"
    "X doesn't seem able to handle big lists"
    "X doesn't work inside the editor..."

6. If the problem is a discrepancy between documentation and observed
   behaviour please specify which documentation file or manual.

Delete everything up to and including the dashed line; fill in the form,
deleting any irrelevant headings, etc., then post. If you don't know how
to post or read news, please consult local experts. See HELP VED_POSTNEWS
HELP VED_NET. There are more recent versions available at
Subject: Help: <state your problem>
Newsgroups: comp.lang.pop
Distribution: world
Summary: <summarise your problem>
From: <give your email address>
Keywords: <give keywords or delete this line>

<Ensure that you leave a blank line after the header>

Poplog User Report

Your Reference:
Your Name:
Your Address:

Your Email Address:
Your Telephone No.:
Your Fax No.:

Your priority:  High / Medium / Low


Documentation Problem

Document name:



Software Problem

Poplog Version:
Host Platform:
Operating System/Version:
Windowing System/Version:

Is the problem reproducible?
Has the machine been upgraded recently (e.g. OS)?
Problem occurs in: Pop11 / Lisp / Prolog / PML / Ved / Library
Evidence Enclosed
    Included in this message
    Available on request


Enhancement Suggestion:

Poplog Version:
Host Platform:
Operating System/Version:
Windowing System/Version:


(Give as much detail as necessary for others to replicate the problem)


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