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HELP BOOLEAN                                 J. L. Cunningham, July 1982
                                          Updated Adrian Howard Mar 1992

"boolean" is the -dataword- (see HELP *DATAWORD) of the POP-11 objects
which are the values of the variables -true- and -false-. These values
(printed as <true> and <false>) are called "boolean" values (after
George Boole who invented symbolic logic). An expression which evaluates
to a boolean value is a boolean expression.

Also see:

    HELP *AND           --- Forming conjunctions in POP-11
    HELP *OR            --- Forming disjunctions in POP-11
    HELP *CONDITIONALS  --- Summary of POP-11 conditional statements

    REF *RECORDS/Booleans --- Full information on "booleans"

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